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“Five Days in May”

   The novel we are currently reading is “Five Days in May” written by Ninie Hammon.  This story is about a category 5 tornado who roars towrd Graham, Oklahoma and how four people lives touch each other and change drastically through this tragedy.

    Even though I am only in the early part of the book, it touches on faith, what we believe about the sanctity of life both in regards to the quality of life  and death row inmates facing execution.  

   If this book interests you, you may either purchase it yourself or order it through Pastor Lorraine, who you can reimburse for the cost when you receive the book.   We will be meeting Saturday, August 18 at 10AM in the parlor at St. James UCC, Allentown.  You may call the church office with any questions at 610-432-7677.    Pastor Lorraine

“have a little faith”

   The book for May was “have a little faith” written by Mitch Albom.   It is a true story with three major characters – the “Reb” (Albert Lewis) who is an 82-year old rabbi, Henry Covington (a Detroit Pastor), and Mitch.  The story begins with Mitch being asked to do the “Reb’s” eulogy when the time comes. 

   It is a wonderful book about faith with a few sermon illustrations as well as statements that you will want to remember for a long time.  Just a few that stuck out in my mind:

          a.  “How many generations does it take for us to forget a loved one?”

          b.  “A legacy is built – one memory at a time”

          c.  “A eulogy is no more than a summation of memories, and we will never forget you, because we cannot forget you, because we will miss you every day. ”                      

     We met on Saturday, June 2nd for a great discussion.  If you have never read this book, I suggest you do.   You won’t regret it.   And the kindle version or paperback gives an updated version that the hardcover does not have.    Pastor Lorraine