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For Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sermon Title:     “Peace – What Happened?”

Scripture:   Luke 24:36b-48

We are two weeks into the season of Easter.  In the gospel of Luke, as Jesus appears to his disciples, he said, “Peace be with you.”    At first they were scared and thought they were seeing a ghost.   I don’t believe they reacted any differently than we would upon seeing someone we knew who had died, for even though Jesus had told them about his rising, they still did not understand it.

What happened to this peace Jesus talked about?  Isaish identified the Messiah as the “Prince of Peace” and Micah envisioned the Messiah restoring creation to its origianl shalom.  Jesus spoke of the legacy of his ministry in terms of peace – “Peace be with you.”  Where is the peace?

On this 3rd Sunday of Easter, we also celebrate Earth Day.  When you return to your home after worship, remember to look around you, and give thanks for the land, for God’s gift to be cherished and loved.

If you are interested in hearing more about Jesus’ “peace”, come to worship with us on Sunday at 10:45AM.  Resoureses:  Annual Manual

Thought for the Week:   Christ greeted us with the word peace and promised us the reality of peace. 

Let us pray:  God, just as the courage of the early disciples was challenged, so too are we.  The gospel was preached, and communities of faith were strengthened.  May our worship and service today in 2012 bring new life to individuals and to our community of faith.  We pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.